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Omaha Hi Lo Starting Hands. Part III

Omaha Hi Lo Fundamentals

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Selecting Starting Hands in Omaha Hi Lo Poker. The 3rd Part

pokerThe examples cited above allow you to understand what we want to see in a starting hand. However many players will think so as well. When a serious player makes bets in the pot he lets you understand what he has. There are good chances that he has in his hand among other things A-2 combination so the actions have to be the same. Understate the value of you’re a-2 combination and think about what your hand looks like. What do we need to make a reraise in preflop? – A lot of things. Let’s not forget that a hand like A-2-3-6 feels well in a pot with many players so your task now is to kick players out of the pot. It’s a good hand but I wouldn’t make reraises on it. For a reraise you need a hand ready for high and having potential for low. For a reraise in full game normally I would like to have among my cards a combination like A-A-2. Something smaller can be acceptable rarely in order to vary game style (something that you do in any form of poker when playing regularly with the same players) but not as a regular diet.

How important is position in estimating starting hands in Omaha?

position_importance It all depends upon game type. In a pot-limit game it is extremely important. In a limit game the number of players staying for the flop affects the importance of position (though in limit games position is not so critical as it is in pot-limit games). In a pot for three the position can be used very well. In a zoo game when all stay for the flop, position is not so important because such moves as strategic raises almost don’t exist.

As we can see most starting hands need an ace in order to be playable and ready to fight and even after it they require additional support. Under these circumstances even fewer hands are playable on preflop in Omaha split than in usual Omaha.

I’d say Omaha hi lo split would be a better game if ace was considered only for high and 9 or higher was the qualifier for low.

In this case advantage of a good starting hand over a middle one wouldn’t be so big and more hands could be playable on preflop.

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