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Omaha High Low Poker Starting Hands. Part II

Omaha Hi Lo Fundamentals

Selecting Starting Hands in Omaha Hi Lo Poker. The 2nd Part

This is the continuation of Omaha High Low Starting Hands. Here is the table with the common card combinations and correspondent advices.

1 combination_01 The hand looks nice. If we get three-of-a-kind or two pairs and straight draw, it’s not likely that someone draws low and takes half the pot. However in order to stay in the pot you need very specific flop so don’t raise on preflop.
2 Combination_02 Many cards of this hand require cards from eight down and then we maybe win half the pot at best. This is a problem starting hand for Omaha high-low and it should be folded.
3 Combination_03 If we get three-of-a-kind it’ll be cards higher than eight and it will reduce opponents’ chances for low. It’s a decent but long-range hand and it has to see the flop cheaply.
4 Combination_04 In order that this hand felt comfortably full is necessary to appear on the flop because if only high or middle three-of-a-kind appears on the board someone may draw low. Fold your cards.
5 Combination_05 What can possibly appear on the board so that you liked it? Do you have too much hope for two or three? Don’t get involved.
6 Combination_06 There is useful for low nuts A-2 combination but two or ace on the flop can spoil it a bit. This starting hand for Omaha high-low is moderate good.
7 Combination_07 This is the hand we dream to get in Omaha split. There are high chances for two flush draws. Low draw can be completed (say Кspades8spades7hearts come on the flop) by any small card making us a pair (or not). Raise.
8 Combination_08 At first sight the hand looks good but it has two drawbacks. There is no working double-ply flush and we can’t win low. In addition to that if ace comes on the flop you have chances only for one half of the pot. The more players in the pot the worse the hand is.
9 Combination_09 Because two nut flush draws with good chances for low this hand is by far better than the previous example.
10 Combination_10 The hand looks uncertain, fold your cards and keep away from raised bets.
11 Combination_11 Evacuation tunnel for low is given by A-4 combination making the hand quite decent especially for pots with few players. We should also note nut flush potential.
12 Combination_12 This hand is hoping for ace and another small card to come on the flop forming nut low draw that can be completed by any small card on the turn or river. The problem is that you need very specific long-range flop. To draw long-range you have to play cheap and have big opposition. However the more the opposition is the fewer chances for ace on the flop you have. A lot of players in the pot mean that aces are in starting hands and not in the pack. I think this hand should be folded in almost any situation.

The continuation of the topic about omaha high low starting hands will be discussed in the next post

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